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Posted on 2010.04.15 at 11:23
Lauren is:: icky
So I've been sick since Tuesday. Couldn't even really get out of bed on Tuesday or Wednesday but today I'm not really dizzy and I can mostly control my cough so I'm going to work for noon. When I called work on Tuesday to say I wasn't coming in on Wednesday I was balling my eyes out...I feel bad for the manager I talked to because he could hardly understand me lol.

Posted on 2010.04.06 at 12:03
Lauren is:: artisticartistic
Looks like a big storm is coming soon. The skies are grey, and they look like they're just going to swallow us all up with rain.

I have an idea for a piece of jewelry so I'm thinking this afternoon I'll be doing some beading. Hopefully it'll turn out the way I'm imagining it!

Posted on 2010.03.25 at 01:23
Lauren is:: blahblah
Ask me anything. I will answer truthfully. Go for it.

Posted on 2009.10.20 at 07:37
Lauren is:: nervousnervous
It's my first day at my new job today...yay!  I can't wait!

Posted on 2009.07.07 at 09:58
Lauren is:: determineddetermined
Lauren hears:: Hush Hush; Hush Hush - The Pussycat Dolls
I need to get my act together, now.

Posted on 2009.06.26 at 11:08
Lauren is:: angryangry
You know, I would do almost anything for my family, my friends, and my boyfriend.  Yet the only thing they all want to pressure me into doing is the one thing I have zero interest in doing.

I don't enjoy drinking, I don't want to drink, I don't feel the need to drink.  EXCUSE ME FOR NOT DOING IT.

Everyone can go fuck themselves.

Posted on 2009.06.25 at 20:31
Lauren is:: sadsad
Holy crap, Michael Jackson died.  RIP MJ.

Posted on 2009.06.18 at 20:39
Lauren is:: blahblah
So my heart is beating harder again for some reason...I was just sitting on the couch playing video games.  I'm not stressed about anything or freaking about anything so it's just coming out of the blue again.  I'll have to mention it to my doctor eventually...if I ever get around to getting a checkup.

Posted on 2009.06.16 at 00:10
Lauren is:: happyhappy
It's my birthday!  I am officially 22!

Posted on 2009.06.11 at 11:07
Lauren is:: excitedexcited
 Convocation is tonight...yay!  I'll finally have my diploma!!

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